Monday, January 26, 2009

No Excuses

Don't bother looking in the archives for a recent update, you are seeing it right my last post was in November. Sorry I could bore you with a lot of excuses as to why I have not updates But I would rather spend time updating.

And A LOT of updating I have not sure I will be able to update in one night. To start November went by so fast, we started the month rather rough but all ended well. Alyson had a Cath on the 5th, a long day (see previous post) but we went home late that night and she is doing so good. She is gaining weight and is happy as can be.

At the end of the month Chuck and I celebrated our 6th anniversary, I am amazed each day I find something new that I love about him, and time has gone by so fast.

December went by even faster then I can imagine Alyson celebrated her 1st birthday on December 14th we had a few friends and family over to help us celebrate. She loved the cake and Alayna had so much fun helping me make it. We made a snowman cupcake cake. Alyson is not walking yet but she loves to walk along things, if she sees something that she really wants and wants it now she will crawl, so much quicker for her.

Christmas was a blast both girls. Alayna really enjoyed it this year she really wanted to sit on Santa's lap but each time we saw him (which was more then I could count) she would not sit on his lap or even talk to him. At St. Bridget's church Santa came out and sat by her in the pew, she eventually gave him a hug. Alyson sat on Santa's lap each time but never knew what to think. All Alayna wanted for Christmas was a Smores pony. Santa did bring that for the two girls and both LOVE it.

New years resolution time, I hate this time of year each year I have the same one and never succed at it, so this year I added a couple which will benefit all of you reading this. I will update my blog more often. And another failed resoultion last year was to get Christmas cards out. No you did not miss it in your mail box I never got them out, so to make up a new resolution I WILL GET VALENTINES OUT. To help me with this one leave your name and address in the comments, but remember my deadline these are valentine cards. I have them almost ready to go :)

Another important thing that has happaned (the last one I will mention tonight) is my parents are coming home!! They leave Washington DC this friday 1/30 and head back to the farm in Iowa. I know this has been a great experience for my Dad but we have missed them so much. I am not sure what they have planned when they get back but I know they have several grandkinds that can not wait to have them close again.

I am trying to get pictures up but it is not working so these will follow soon!

Well as mentioned before I will be back sooner rather then later to update our blog. Remember if you want to help me reach my resoulution and get valentines out leve me your name and address. I do have a lot of them but to help ensure I don't forget anyone this would help.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a day

Wow what a day it has been full of up's and down's but in all it went well. We were here at 7:30 for the procedure and was ready to go at 9:00 however just as she was getting ready they had an emergency so we were post poned until 12:30 then another 45 minutes. By the time they got started with Alyson it was 1:15 and she had not eaten since 2:30 in the morning so she was a bear. They did the procedure however they did not get the results they were looking for so we will continue to be monitored and will have to do open heart next year. Not the news that I was looking for but she is a trooper and I know she is the best hands. Sorry this is short but I want to get back to the room.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We had pictures taken tonight it is amazing you can really see the attitude in the pictures. Alayna wanted to "pose" the whole time so not one candid shot of her.

Then Alyson I can only imagine what was going through her head "who are these people trying to get me to smile and why would I do that?"

And to get two to look at the camera at the same time and some resemblance of a smile was not going to happen tonight.

On another note 11/4/08 is finally here after way to many commercials and countless calls from candidates telling us to vote and why I should vote for him ( I take that back it was really just bashing the other candidate,) it will finally be over I can't wait to see this come to an end hopefully the way I voted:) I will be up late watching any station to see the outcome.
As I end this post I have a prayer request, Alyson goes in tomorrow morning for a Cath procedure, please keep her in your prayers throughout the day and I will keep you posted with the progress.
Lots of Love

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The power of prayer

The title of this post can be deceiving. I have prayed before, I pray with my girls everynight but I have gotten to the point where I felt why, what is the point I put this energy into praying and I don't see anything. I know this is selfish but why do I pray if God does not hear me?

This is what I have felt like for some time, I have been struggling. But I think I have been looking for something to drop out of the sky into my lap. Maybe if I start looking for smaller things take hints and put things together I may be able to see what He is trying to tell me. Well on Tuesday I had a slap in the face an aha moment, a here is what you are looking for.

I was on my way from one office I was listening to music channel surfing and I switched away from 101.9 tried all the other stations I had programed nothing kept my interest so I ended back at #1 101.9. I heard a verse "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave nor forsake you. "

To tell you the truth I don't know the context to this verse but it has it's own meaning to me and it has made me think, I heard this for a reason. I do know that there is power in prayer but sometimes you just get discouraged when you can't see what is in front of you.

What was I really looking for? I asked God to comfort Alayna's fears, I asked Him to heal Alyson, I have been asking him to help my husband with his faith so we can get closer. But now that I am sitting here typing this I realize He has already provided for all of these prayer request just in different ways then I was looking for.

Where was I going with this post? Blog therapy I heard you feel better, I do I have let everyone know where I am at with my struggles.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've been tagged

Thanks Travis, I have been tagged. I must admit I have been dreading posting this but I thought I would be a good sport and do it anyhow. I am going to give fair warning I have been in a bad mood for several weeks now so hopefully so blog therapy will help and this gives me an excuse why I should actually post it.

Here goes nothing. 5 things I hate to admit.

1.) I hate to be wrong, ask my husband. Even if we both know I am wrong he is the first to back down and give me the "OK honey what ever you think" phrase.

2.) I hate getting a question I don't know the answer to. Let me explain a little, there is a boy in Alayna's daycare class that just lost his brother to SIDS. They must be talking about it some and Alayna is now afraid to go to sleep every night. She always asks questions that I don't know what to say to her I feel like I can't comfort her so for the past three weeks she has been sleeping in our room. She will be sleeping but crying I wake her try to reassure her she is fine then she wants to rocked back to sleep.

3.) I hate work (right now at least.) We are short staffed at work so I have been working overtime and bringing work home, so even though I am at home I am in front of the computer.

4.) I hate uncertainty. I wish there was a straight forward answer to everything only black and white, no gray areas. Alyson has had some issues with her heart. She had a balloon cath procedure done in April and will be having another one done in November. Why should we do another one of these when we will be doing open heart in April. The Dr tell me to get her bigger and stronger it is easier to do technical parts when they have more room to work. If that is the case why not wait a few more years, she seems healthy, they ask for all the symptoms and I can honestly say no to ALL of them. I guess I am thankful that she does not have any but I feel like they are doing all these things to her now "just because" I know all the labs and test tell them why. But I just don't see it.

And my last one which is a much lighter and one that I always have issues with. I hate when drivers have road rage. I really don't see the point to it.

Well again thanks Travis and sorry you had to read me venting, however, if anyone has advice to any of these let me know especially # 2 I am at a loss. I am going to tag Shannon and Abby.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Fall?

Wow is it really fall? I sure can't believe that I love the autumn weather and I thought it was here however I was mistaken, yesterday we went to Davenport to spend some more time with my parents and I realized mid day that I dressed everyone way to warm. Both girls were sweating up and storm. Alayna and I got to help grandpa out in the field for a little bit however she was sad that she did not get to ride in the combine so we will have to make another trip before harvest is done. We are going to be heading out to Chuck's grandparents farm later today so I hope to get some pictures in the pumpkin patch. I will post if we get some good ones. Hope this finds everyone well rested after a gorgeous weekend.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Alyson loves to crawl around and she loves her loves to flash smiles!!
Alayna Posing
Alayna's first day of school, we went to the coffee shop!!